I Built a Mac app, Split, to Speed up Your Google Search

Split allows you to quickly go through multiple results on Google without losing track of the search result page.

Whenever I Google something, I have a bad habit of opening up multiple results in multiple tabs. After finding the answer I am looking for, I would right click and “Close Tabs to the Right.” It pollutes my web browser and slows down my search experience. I built Split to address this problem. Split takes advantage of the wide computer screen to embrace master-detail navigation. Now I am able to go through each search result without losing track of the search page.

My news consumption habit has a similar problem: after landing on the front page, I would open several articles in multiple tabs and, if I am lucky, manage to finish half of them. As an experiment, I added a few news sites to Split. So far it has helped me to focus better and actually finish one article at a time.

You can download Split here. Please let me know if you have any feedback!

Upcoming improvements

  1. Allow users to save pages they search with support for annotation. Image seeing a list of things you learn over the years.
  2. Loading indicators
  3. Hotkeys to trigger
  4. Add more content channels